Counselling and Therapy

Counselling and therapy are useful in treating a wide variety of concerns. Often, when issues arise, we handle them ourselves, with help from family, friends or trusted advisors; but there are times when problems extend beyond our capacity, or our support systems prove insufficient. Just as you would consult your family doctor for a physical complaint, seeking counselling for stress, anxiety or depression can hasten relief, and get you back on track. And, just as you might consider a gym membership to keep physically fit, embarking on a course of therapy stimulates a mental, spiritual and emotional workout. It can also be a constructive way to process trauma and work through transitions, grief and loss.

Sometimes referred to as "talk therapy", counselling and therapy happen in conversations between client and counsellor. Counselling tends to be brief, with a focus on resolving specific concerns, while therapy is longer term and more in-depth, with the goal of deeper level change.

The benefits of counselling and therapy can include a renewed sense of purpose, self sufficiency, clearer thinking, increased confidence, fresh perspectives, personal effectiveness, enhanced relationships, and superior job performance. Such morale strengtheners can be invigorating, and knowledge gained can be applied to challenges you have yet to encounter. 

As a client you can expect:

  • To be met where you are at
  • To proceed at a pace that suits you
  • An atmosphere of support
  • Confidentiality 
  • Privacy
  • Respect
  • Flexible hours